02 Dec 2020

Things Your Toddler Wants You To Buy For Them

Oh, look who decided to update her blog. It only took a goddamn worldwide pandemic and almost ten full months bored out of my mind at home for me to do so. Truly no time like the present! Speaking of presents – ha, see what I did there? Hanukkah and Christmas are around the corner…

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01 Apr 2019

Skin It To Win It

Hi, my name is Jordan and I am newly addicted to skincare. Fun fact: your skin freaks out when you have a child! I am 16 months into having a small human as my BFF and about 6 weeks ago, I realized I needed to actually start taking care of my face instead of passively…

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30 Dec 2018

My Top Ten Favorite Movies of 2018

Did you all know Ramz is a film critic? Like a real one? Well he is and we see a LOT OF MOVIES. Are you ready for something insane? This year he saw 322 MOVIES. THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO FILMS. While holding down a job and dealing with a sassy wife and crazy French…

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