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21 Mar 2017


Last week I talked about travel tips and then did a little recap of the first part of our 2016 Eurotrip, and then promptly had house guests for three nights and forgot to blog about the rest of our trip. Oops. Here I am. ANYWAY! After leaving Paris, we took the high-speed train to London…

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14 Mar 2017


In December, Rami and I went to Paris and London and had THE BEST TIME. We were there for 10 days and I loved every minute. I had never been to either place – Rami had, in college – so we acted like total tourists and really had such a wonderful trip. I’m not going…

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13 Mar 2017

Trip Talk

“I may not be able to buy happiness, but I can buy plane tickets and that’s pretty close.” Lots of people ask me how we travel so often and my answer is, I try to be really smart about finding good deals and bargains. The way I look at it is: I don’t like to pay…

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