10 Apr 2017

Clear Eyes, Full Cart, Can’t Lose

Hi, my name is Jordan, and I am a competitive shopper.

I love to shop no matter what. Throw in the words “special collection” or “limited quantity” or “sample sale” and my competitive nature comes out and I am IN IT TO WIN IT.

Longtime readers of this blog will know that anytime Target does a collaboration with a brand, I tend to go a little nuts. I absolutely killed it during the Missoni for Target (remember?! I am laughing so hard re-reading this recap I wrote SIX YEARS AGO) and Lilly for Target collections – I have a very specific strategy that involves staying up late the night before until the items go live on the site, and then waking up early to go wait in line at my local Target and buy whatever else I may want in person.

(Lilly for Target happened while I was on my blogging hiatus – I’ll sum it up by saying I SPRINTED to the second floor to grab the home-goods I wanted, made it up the escalator FIRST, stole a cart from a frightened teenage associate wearing a red polo, and was out of there within 20 minutes with three sets of my beloved Lilly pompom napkins (and like a zillion dollars worth of other nonsense.)

So Victoria Beckham for Target hit stores yesterday and I was EMOTIONALLY READY. I made plans to go with my friend Natalie at 7:30am on Sunday morning (ugh) and sadly fell asleep before midnight on Saturday night BUT as luck would have it, the shopping gods smiled upon me and I coincidentally woke up at 5am. I rolled over to grab a pillow and in my sleepy haze it occurred to me that the collection was probably live – AND IT WAS! So I quietly got out my laptop and dropped like $380 while my darling husband slept innocently next to me, probably dreaming of a time when our credit card bill was not insane. And then I was too wired so I laid in bed excitedly until my alarm went off and it was time to shop again IN PERSON THIS TIME.

I’m glad I went in person but to be honest I got everything I really wanted online (I actually didn’t buy THAT much but I bought everything I liked in 2 sizes since I didn’t know if things would run big or small.) I did pick up a few things that didn’t catch my eye online but looked super cute in store – namely, the black satin bomber with jeweled details and the navy sweater with lace appliques. And a girl came over to me and said she recognized me and read my blog, so that was fun! (Hi Sloan!)

I have a feeling by the time this post goes live, most of this stuff will be sold out, 
so I’m not including links – but it’s worth it to go check!

Meanwhile, my friend Natalie is 6 months pregnant and she CLEANED UP with the baby clothes. She seriously bought one of everything and each outfit was cuter than the next. I fell in love with this little girls’ dress and walked around for a few minutes debating whether or not I should attempt wearing the kids XL as a shirt, but alas, it was not meant to be 🙂

It seems each time Target does one of these collaborations, it gets better and more streamlined and less chaotic. There was an orderly line outside the store, no one ran when the doors opened, the rules were made clear to cut down on reselling (you could only buy two of each item in a particular size), and there were sales associates everywhere putting things back from fitting rooms so you could potentially grab your size if it wasn’t available on the racks anymore. It was actually quite organized and an overall lovely shopping experience!

Each time I shop one of these Target collabs, I think to myself, “How will they ever top it again?” And yet they do. From Missoni to Lilly to VB, I have loved it all and I can’t WAIT to see who they partner with next. Fingers crossed for Chanel for Target!? A girl can dream.

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  • Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate Morg yesterday! We had the best time!✌🏻
  • The best day with my best boy. I can’t believe Morg is two!!!
  • Morgan is two! 
Two years ago you arrived, and everything changed forever. 
You have given us two years of love and anxiety and happiness and amazement and joy. You are quite honestly the most delicious little boy I have ever seen in my life and every day I can’t believe you are mine.

Whenever we talk about who we are going to see and what we are going to say to them, you always tell me you are going to say “Hi! I love you!” Because you are the friendliest little guy ever, except if you are a pediatrician or a hairdresser :) In your second year of life you learned to walk and then run. You learned to jump and walk up and down steps and do a somersault. You learned to talk and then you never stopped. You learned to dance and sing and nothing is cuter than your sweet little voice in the back of the car. You went to Hawaii and Arizona and Galveston and Dallas and New York twice. You fell in love with  Elmo and Abby and Cookie Monster and the Count and all their pals. You have the world’s best dimples and we all get to see them all the time because you are always smiling and having a grand old time. 
You have opinions. You want pasta at every meal. You want to hold the remote and push the buttons. You want to help load the laundry and push the buttons. You want to sneak over to daddy’s TV and push the buttons. You want two loveys, not one. You want to watch Baby Shark and Baby Monkey, not Baby Shark and Baby T-Rex. You tell me, “I WALK! I JUMP!” You tell me “Morgie funny” and you laugh at your own silly jokes. You listen to every single thing everyone says and then you repeat it all immediately. 
Whenever I put you in your crib, I tell you I love you and when you wake up, we will go on another adventure. And life with you is the very best adventure in the world. 
Happy 2nd birthday Morgan Reese. I love you so much. I am so proud of you. 💕
  • Thankful for all these turkeys who I love so much 🦃 ❤️
  • Cookbook Club does Friendsgiving! Thankful I finally figured out how to use my phone camera’s self timer.
  • The five stages of grief are

And Avery experienced all of them when Morgan didn’t share his chicken nuggets 🤪
  • Had fun at the date dash last night 🥰
  • Baby shark 🦈

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