04 Apr 2017

Hawaii, Here We Come

In just over a week Rami and I will be back in Hawaii and I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT.

We are actually going back to Maui – we were there six months ago for our two-year anniversary and had such a good time that when we were deciding where to go over spring break, it was kind of a no-brainer. (Rami works in education so we can really only travel on big trips during his spring break, winter break, and of course, summer.) 

So we are basically doing the exact same trip as we did in October and even though I love going to new places and having new adventures, I am so ready for a week of relaxation. When we were there in October we literally did nothing but lay in the sun and swim and eat ahi tuna for a week straight and really, what’s better than that?

Here is what I am planning on bringing along with me this time!

ONE: UM, is this the world’s cutest cover-up? I’m gonna have to go with yes.
TWO: For my nails, Essie Secret Story = the PERFECT hot pink + Essie Tart Deco = the best coral for my toes.
THREE: My go-to sunglasses – Karen Walker Superstars with mirrored lenses. I love the rose gold studs in the corners!
FOUR: A very cute and sassy ponytail holder with a built-in bow. I am torn between leopard and chambray – which usually means I will end up with both.
FIVE: My FAVORITE sandals of all time and they are from Target and SO comfortable and less than $20. Buy them immediately in both colors before they sell out. Trust me on this. SIX: A must for laying out in the sun? A Swell bottle! Fill it with ice water before you head down to the pool and it will keep you cool all day. Shoutout to my BFF who bought me this cute Gray Malin one for my birthday last year, but I love the leopard and rose gold ones too.
SEVEN: Not hating this bright floral bathing suit. Love the mesh boob situation. (Also here in plus)
EIGHT: Is it really a vacation if you don’t bring along a fun pair of tassel earrings? No, no it is not.

Counting down the minutes til ALOHA! 

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  1. Carly wrote:

    Ok, I bought BOTH sandals…you're so convincing!! Hope I like them as much as you say I will! Hope all is well, Jordan!

    Posted on 4.6.17 · Reply to comment

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