23 Mar 2017

NO SHOPPING MARCH: An Update, With Many Complaints

The end of NO SHOPPING MARCH is in sight but let me tell you friends, it has not been easy. 

Every time I do this I am actually legitimately incredulous when I realize how difficult it is to not shop. At least once a week, I run to Target on my lunch break to pick something up for the house and end up adding a pair of shoes or a cute top to my cart without even thinking about it. On weekends, I’m usually at the mall with my mom for a few hours. And as I mentioned before, I am ALWAYS shopping online. It’s just too easy to get an email about a sale, click through, and buy something within minutes. I am an online marketer’s wet dream.  
Before I go on much further – let me just say that I DID break NSM for one thing and I felt so guilty I confessed to like five of my friends and knew I had to confess here too. I’ll reveal what I bought next month – but in my defense let me just say it was something I have been waiting to come back in stock since LAST JULY. So. Please absolve me. 

Anyway, this month I have been pinning up a storm to my “Wanty McWanterson” board on Pinterest so I thought I’d share some stuff, you know, in case YOU want to buy it. I’m generous like that. But don’t buy the last one because I’ll be pissed. 

ONE: I love the pattern on this dress and the full-length zipper. I think it could be equally cute as a real dress with platform wedges and as a beach coverup with sandals. (Also available here in plus size.)

TWO: So I own these Kate Spade shoes and they are the MOST COMFORTABLE EVER. I can barely wear high heels anymore without falling on my face (v. classy) but these have a low thick heel yet aren’t granny! I have them in beige leather but have plans to get another color – either these pink ones or maybe cherry red?

THREE: Oh my GOD I want this so bad. Rainbow pom poms? SIGN ME UP. 

FOUR: No, I’m still not over the tassel earring trend. No, I don’t think I will be anytime soon.

FIVE: I hadn’t really been in love with bucket bags until I came across this one – so chic with the leopard pattern, and it’ll hold so much!

SIX: As mentioned above, I cannot walk in stiletto heels anymore (#veryold) so these platforms look super cute, yet comfortable and sturdy. I can’t believe I am using “sturdy” as an adjective that appeals to me these days but there ya have it folks. Also, I have several pairs of Pour La Victoire heels that are pretty comfy, and these are the same brand.

SEVEN: Oh, a tiny dish with a little Frenchie on it? YAS PLZ.

EIGHT: This is one of those sweaters that I would lust after for months, finally order, hang it in my closet, and then… not wear. For like months. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t cool as shit. 

So… polka dots, leopard print, tassels, hot pink, and pom poms. Sounds about right for a Jordan Marisa Rose wish list. April – hurry it up. 

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