24 Sep 2018

Making Morg’s Baby Food

When I told my mom that I wanted to write this post she was like, “Why? That’s so weird. No one cares.”

Thanks Mom.

If you know me in real life you know I am NOT a crunchy organic hippie at all. All the more power to people who are but I will never eat a chia seed in my life. However, I really liked the idea of knowing exactly what was in the food I was giving to Morgs. At this point in my life, I had the time to do it, so I figured why not try? I’m sure when I have a second kid I will have zero time to do it and will rely solely on pouches and jarred baby food (which I DO give him now, especially when we travel, and I see nothing wrong with it whatsoever! Seriously so convenient and such yummy combos – I get great ideas from the ones we’ve tried! ) But I thought this was a cool thing I could try and since I like cooking and experimenting with new flavor combos – why not?

At our 4 month doctors appointment, our pediatrician told us to start experimenting with food. We had received a really nice gift from our baby registry – the Beaba Babycook Food Maker (in rose gold naturally, lol) – and when he was around five months old, I finally got up the courage to actually use it. Haha.

This machine is very cool because it lets you steam and puree the food all in one machine. I have friends who steam their kids’ food in their InstantPot or roast the veggies in the oven and then puree it in the blender, but this thing made it soooo easy for me (I am a person who is scared of my food processor). I also bought a silicon tray by Beaba to freeze the purees after I made them in convenient 3-ounce portions, but then my friend Skylar sent me a link to a much cheaper – and bigger – tray option on Amazon! (Psst… they’re actually egg cups!)

Doctors recommend introducing one new fruit or vegetable every 3-4 days in the beginning so you can easily identify if your baby has an allergy. Luckily, nothing seemed to upset Morgan’s stomach too much, so it wasn’t long before I got to start being creative and adding fresh herbs, spices, and mixing combinations together!

Here are some of my favorite combos that he loves:

Butternut squash with curry powder
Avocado with garlic – tastes like guacamole!
Sweet potato with cinnamon
Pears with cinnamon
Lentils with fresh basil
Zucchini with fresh basil and sage
Cherries with mint – so good and refreshing but this one is real messy
Bananas with peanut butter (I buy PB powder and mix it in)
Edamame with mint

When it came time to start introducing proteins to his diet, I was very intimidated. I don’t often cook turkey or beef – we’re kinda a mainly chicken household – so I couldn’t imagine how I would start including these into his meals. But then we went to my in-laws for Shabbat dinner and had matzo ball soup for dinner… and it occurred to me that I could puree soups! So now Morgan eats beef stew with carrots and potatoes and chicken soup with carrots and matzo balls like a boss. A boss who only has 4 teeth 🙂

Now full disclosure – my kid did NOT like eating solids when I first started offering them. He straight up spat them out and started crying when I would put him in his highchair. For a while there I was really upset about it – “Who is this kid? MY baby doesn’t like food? How is that possible?” It wasn’t til a month in that he got used to it – and it wasn’t until I started feeding him twice a day (breakfast and dinner) that he actually started enjoying it. So if your kid is giving you trouble, hang in there! And I highly recommend getting a greedy little piglet Frenchie who will happily gobble up the leftovers 🙂

Now at 9 months, we are slowly phasing out purees – as I mentioned, he has teeth, and it’s easier to give him deconstructed versions of “real people food.” Last week, we went to an Israeli restaurant, and he ate bites of hummus, some roasted sweet potato, some shreds of chicken breast, and he got to hold a french fry in his little fist and nibble it – SO CUTE. So in a few months I won’t be pureeing anything anymore, which makes me a little sad. This was a cool, fun, creative thing I got to do for my best little guy and I really enjoyed it!

PS. I serve him meals using these bowl/plate combos and I use these spoons

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