27 Sep 2018

I Believe Christine.

I have drafts of posts I’m working on about my famous chocolate chip bread pudding recipe and my trip to Alaska a few months ago and how once again I hate owning a house because my beloved air conditioner leaked into the walls and I have to replace it but none of that shit is important today.

Right now at this very minute Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is testifying in front of a hostile Congress about the sexual assault she suffered thirty years ago at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh. This woman torpedoed her whole life to come forward and tell the world what he did to her and these motherfuckers DON’T CARE, they are going to confirm him to the highest court in the land tomorrow.

I literally cannot turn the news on. Food Network is on in the background as I type this because I put the TV on this morning, saw a minute or two of Dr. Ford’s testimony where she was so visibly terrified and yet was calm and collected, and I had to turn that shit off immediately.

BELIEVE WOMEN. WHY WOULD ANY WOMAN LIE ABOUT THIS? Especially knowing how utterly toxic politics has become, why would any woman willingly submit herself to coming forward IF HER CLAIM WAS FALSE?

I AM SO ANGRY. I am so sick of living in a world where I have to consciously avoid the news on TV, opening Twitter, reading newspaper headlines, if I don’t want my day to be ruined by more updates on how the president* is destroying our country, day by day, bit by bit. Brett Kavanaugh is utterly unfit to serve on the Supreme Court and have any part of making rules and decisions that affect women’s bodies. I am once again disgusted by the GOP and the lengths they go to stay in power.

Last night in a fit of fury I booked a ticket to Texas for the first weekend in November. We’ll be going door to door for Beto, trying to turn Texas blue. The blue wave is coming and I want to be a part of it when it does.

*He is NOT the President. His election was a farce. And if you support him or his administration in any way, this blog is not for you.

Posted on September 27, in Etc

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