22 Oct 2018

A Floff Wedding in Carmel!

Fun fact: I go to more weddings than anyone I have ever met. I am not kidding. A few weeks ago Rami and I tallied up how many weddings we have been to TOGETHER – not including weddings we went to before we started dating, weddings we went to where the other one stayed home, or weddings we were invited to but couldn’t attend. Are you ready for the number? FORTY TWO!!!!!!

42 weddings is absolutely insane but let’s face it – I love them so much. Nothing better than celebrating love with a big ole party. This past weekend we headed up north to Carmel for to watch one of my college BFFs get hitched and we had such a good time. She is one of the last of my group of 10 best friends from college to get married and I am kind of sad about it – we all live spread out around the whole country so whenever someone gets engaged, I know that we have opportunities to see one another coming up. So we’ll have to plan some fun future gatherings to make sure we get our AEPhi cuddle opportunities 🙂

ANYWAY! Bright and early Friday morning Ram and I dropped the baby off with his parents and hopped on a flight to San Francisco for Dana and Daniel’s wedding! Our brilliant idea to meet a few of our friends and drive down to Carmel in a rented van was indeed brilliant except for the fact that every single person in northern California had also decided to hit the road at the same time – turning our 2 hour drive into a 4.5 HOUR SHITSHOW. Don’t worry, we stopped for a quick lobster roll lunch in Half Moon Bay while on our way. I also entertained all 8 of us squeezed into one car by periodically going “live” on Instagram – did you happen to catch the shenanigans?!

We ended up having to drive straight to the rehearsal dinner and get ready in the bathroom so we wouldn’t be late, so it all worked out in the end. I wore these earrings (they’re my second favorite color, I’m like a small child who lists her favorite colors) with this amazing jumpsuit – it’s so comfy! At the dinner I made a speech (did I mention I was a bridesmaid?) and made sure to include plenty of embarrassing details about my dear friend Dana, who I call Floff. That night we checked into the hotel where the wedding was being held – the Carmel Valley Ranch – which was absolutely stunning – and we all enjoyed some smores by the firepit before getting in bed at 11pm. My, times have changed.

I spent all of Saturday in the bridal suite getting ready with the ladies. That afternoon before the ceremony we did photos and I was Bridesmaid #1 assisting in wrangling small children and handing out Xanax to whoever needed one 🙂 This was the bridesmaid dress and I actually ended up liking it a lot! As someone who has been a bridesmaid 9029381 times, I highly recommend wearing flats when you’re walking down the aisle. (It’s such a long day and you don’t want your feet to hurt! These are my sandals – love the glitter on the little heel.)

When it was time for the ceremony, I walked down the aisle, managed not to trip, managed not to cry, and watched my dear friend say “I do” to her hunky man and make it official… and then it was time to party!

PS. Floff hired a live painter to capture her wedding! Her older sister Nicole got married 10 years ago and also had a live painter – she was the first person I knew who did that and as soon as I heard about it, I KNEW I had to do the same. Here’s a link to mine being painted during our wedding!

The wedding was gorgeous – like a fancy dinner party. We all sat at one giant head table and enjoyed lobster rolls, oysters, pumpkin soup, tomato & burrata salad, and short ribs before dancing the night away. I love my friends SO MUCH.

You know who else I love? My cute ass husband who tears it up on the dance floor 🙂

Sunday came EARLY. These weekends together with my friends and our husbands go way too fast. Before I knew it, we were packing up and saying goodbye. After our drive back to San Francisco a little group of us enjoyed a quick meal of dimsum at Yank Sing – YUM – before I headed back to the airport (Rami had already left on an earlier flight Sunday morning because he had a work event) and got to reunite with my tiny blonde nugget child.

It was a whirlwind weekend but it was wonderful. As I said in my speech Friday night – nothing makes me happier than seeing my friend so happy. Fifteen years ago when Floff and I met as freshmen, I was SO homesick and she immediately became my closest friend and confidant. We spent hours together getting spray tans, drinking vodka cranberries, and charging gourmet meals to our parents’ credit cards – ahhhh, college 🙂 When I think back to college, so many of my memories include her – no matter what we did together, we always had the best time. I am so grateful for her friendship and so thrilled for the new Mr. and Mrs. Baron!


  1. Nicole wrote:

    you looked great all weekend and were such a wonderful bridesmaid! We love you so much and thank you for being such a beautiful and special part of it!

    Posted on 10.22.18 · Reply to comment
  2. Dana Oloff wrote:

    I just reread this blog/post and had tears of joy (again). It was truly the best weekend and I was so happy to have you be part of it and by my side every step of the way. You looked gorg and I love you SO much 💋

    Posted on 11.7.18 · Reply to comment

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