15 Nov 2018

I May Be In My 30s But I Still Have A Hanukkah Wishlist

So I started writing this post before huge fires started burning up massive parts of my city. Lots of my friends and family have evacuated their houses and many places I love visiting have already been lost. Obviously most of what I write is tongue in cheek but for real – all I really want for the holidays is for the safety of our firefighters and for continued donations and support to everyone who has been affected by this horrible disaster. Some great places to donate or contribute to: The Jewish Federation, the California Fire Foundation, the Humane Society of Ventura County, Baby2Baby, or the LAFD. 


The title really says it all, doesn’t it? I turned 33 a few months ago but that will not stop me from compiling a list of what I’d love to unwrap on those eight crazy nights. I think of it as more of a helpful aid for my darling husband and mother and sister and any internet stranger who feels tenderly towards me.

Anyway – Hanukkah is less than three weeks away! Let’s get the ball rolling here, people!

ONE: Apparently when you’re an adult your wishlist starts to include things for your house. I wouldn’t mind sprucing up my front door with this sassy leopard doormat, and if I have to have toys all over the den, I’ll happily corral them in these adorable striped baskets!

TWO: I need some new makeup brushes and I can’t think of anything more ME than ones with rainbow bristles and sparkle holographic handles. Yes please.

THREE: Look at this adorable Baggu zip bag set! They come in a ton of colors and patterns but I love this floral set the best. As someone who is obsessed with packing cubes for when I travel, I love the idea of these for organizing all my stuff.

FOUR: Oh – a rainbow crystal necklace? Don’t mind if I do. So practical for a mother of an almost one year-old, don’t you think? 🙂

FIVE: If you haven’t tried Rothy’s yet – what on earth are you waiting for? I have three pairs and I am OBSESSED – they’re that good. So comfy and cute and WASHABLE! Perfect for when Morgs decides to spit cheese on my toes. Message me and I will send you a code for $20 off your order. And then buy me these hot pink pointy ones in a size 9.5 please.

SIX: Every year for Hanukkah I ask for a new pair of comfy Ugg slippers. Apparently this fuschia color is called “Bodacious” which is really making my day right now.

SEVEN: Have I mentioned we are going to Japan in the spring? I know we’ll be doing a lot of walking and I think a little leopard print fanny pack is JUST the right item to pack and wear every day while we’re there.

EIGHT: Every week when I go to the market, I pick up a pretty bunch of flowers for the kitchen island. These vases are incredibly inexpensive and would make my bouquet look so nice.

Hmm… eight gifts, eight nights… what a fun coincidence….

Now that I’ve posted MY wishlist, I will be back in a few days with a little gift guide situation featuring things I buy as gifts for family and friends over and over again. Maybe it’ll help you with some holiday shopping of you own! And if you find yourself in the mall… don’t hesitate to send a little gifty mcgifterson my way 🙂

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