18 Dec 2018

Fun Things I’ve Bought Lately

Friends, I definitely did not mean to disappear for that long but tis the season and everything is moving a million miles a minute over here! I will update about fun life stuff soon (AKA my baby turned ONE YEARS OLD and I did a lot of sobbing) but in the meantime I thought it would be fun to do a post on some things I’ve bought lately that I am loving because EVERYONE is having sales and I for one can’t help myself. On with it.

First up: a completely unnecessary and slightly ridiculous purchase for my child: shearling moccasins! I love Freshly Picked mocs for him and they just released a new style with fur. What am I, made of stone? Had to get them.

Fun fact: I wear glasses or prescription sunglasses pretty much 24/7 because I have terrible eyesight and I’m terrified of LASIC. Maybe one day I’ll get up the courage to do it but in the meantime I just bought a new pair of each from Warby Parker. These glasses are what lured me in – half tortoiseshell half hot pink?! And then I nabbed these cute turquoise tortoiseshell sunglasses. Coming soon – new year, new shades!

I am literally always hot (and how come no one ever tells you that after you have a baby all you do is SWEAT?) so I’m not one to cozy up under a blanket normally, but I bought this faux fur throw as a gift for someone and went back and got one for myself. It is SO FREAKING SOFT. And comes in a million gorgeous colors. And is on sale for less than $30! Deal of the century here people.

This is my favorite time of year to live in Los Angeles – it’s basically the coldest weather we’re gonna get all year, meaning pants AND closed toed shoes AND a long sleeve shirt AND maybe a scarf if it dips below 50 🙂 I picked this cute shirt out because it is super soft and so comfortable – I got green, and then realized it came in a million colors, and went back for the coral. Now I’m eyeing the teal…

75% of the time you can find me in my cool mom uniform, which is a pair of leggings and comfortable sneakers. On a whim I threw these leggings into my cart at Target and I am OBSESSED. High waisted, so comfy, FOURTEEN DOLLARS, and the army print is chic and not cheesy. I am literally wearing them as I type this along with my new favorite sneakers – the Nike Pre-Love OX with a holographic swoosh (!) and rainbow soles (!!!). Guys, I am feelin myself today!

Anthro lunch bag – Morgs is at the age where I usually bring him food from home when we are meeting friends for lunch and I’ve been searching for a cute cooler bag – which is… apparently… not a thing that exists. Until now? I nabbed this one during the 30% off Anthro sale and I love how cute it is! (Sorry Mom, I will not be using the neon blue Dodgers cooler you so generously offered to me.)

I confess these aren’t the ONLY things I’ve been buying lately but they are the best things. So if you have a teeny tiny shopping problem like me – enjoy!

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  • Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate Morg yesterday! We had the best time!✌🏻
  • The best day with my best boy. I can’t believe Morg is two!!!
  • Morgan is two! 
Two years ago you arrived, and everything changed forever. 
You have given us two years of love and anxiety and happiness and amazement and joy. You are quite honestly the most delicious little boy I have ever seen in my life and every day I can’t believe you are mine.

Whenever we talk about who we are going to see and what we are going to say to them, you always tell me you are going to say “Hi! I love you!” Because you are the friendliest little guy ever, except if you are a pediatrician or a hairdresser :) In your second year of life you learned to walk and then run. You learned to jump and walk up and down steps and do a somersault. You learned to talk and then you never stopped. You learned to dance and sing and nothing is cuter than your sweet little voice in the back of the car. You went to Hawaii and Arizona and Galveston and Dallas and New York twice. You fell in love with  Elmo and Abby and Cookie Monster and the Count and all their pals. You have the world’s best dimples and we all get to see them all the time because you are always smiling and having a grand old time. 
You have opinions. You want pasta at every meal. You want to hold the remote and push the buttons. You want to help load the laundry and push the buttons. You want to sneak over to daddy’s TV and push the buttons. You want two loveys, not one. You want to watch Baby Shark and Baby Monkey, not Baby Shark and Baby T-Rex. You tell me, “I WALK! I JUMP!” You tell me “Morgie funny” and you laugh at your own silly jokes. You listen to every single thing everyone says and then you repeat it all immediately. 
Whenever I put you in your crib, I tell you I love you and when you wake up, we will go on another adventure. And life with you is the very best adventure in the world. 
Happy 2nd birthday Morgan Reese. I love you so much. I am so proud of you. 💕
  • Thankful for all these turkeys who I love so much 🦃 ❤️
  • Cookbook Club does Friendsgiving! Thankful I finally figured out how to use my phone camera’s self timer.
  • The five stages of grief are

And Avery experienced all of them when Morgan didn’t share his chicken nuggets 🤪
  • Had fun at the date dash last night 🥰
  • Baby shark 🦈

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