18 Dec 2018

Fun Things I’ve Bought Lately

Friends, I definitely did not mean to disappear for that long but tis the season and everything is moving a million miles a minute over here! I will update about fun life stuff soon (AKA my baby turned ONE YEARS OLD and I did a lot of sobbing) but in the meantime I thought it would be fun to do a post on some things I’ve bought lately that I am loving because EVERYONE is having sales and I for one can’t help myself. On with it.

First up: a completely unnecessary and slightly ridiculous purchase for my child: shearling moccasins! I love Freshly Picked mocs for him and they just released a new style with fur. What am I, made of stone? Had to get them.

Fun fact: I wear glasses or prescription sunglasses pretty much 24/7 because I have terrible eyesight and I’m terrified of LASIC. Maybe one day I’ll get up the courage to do it but in the meantime I just bought a new pair of each from Warby Parker. These glasses are what lured me in – half tortoiseshell half hot pink?! And then I nabbed these cute turquoise tortoiseshell sunglasses. Coming soon – new year, new shades!

I am literally always hot (and how come no one ever tells you that after you have a baby all you do is SWEAT?) so I’m not one to cozy up under a blanket normally, but I bought this faux fur throw as a gift for someone and went back and got one for myself. It is SO FREAKING SOFT. And comes in a million gorgeous colors. And is on sale for less than $30! Deal of the century here people.

This is my favorite time of year to live in Los Angeles – it’s basically the coldest weather we’re gonna get all year, meaning pants AND closed toed shoes AND a long sleeve shirt AND maybe a scarf if it dips below 50 🙂 I picked this cute shirt out because it is super soft and so comfortable – I got green, and then realized it came in a million colors, and went back for the coral. Now I’m eyeing the teal…

75% of the time you can find me in my cool mom uniform, which is a pair of leggings and comfortable sneakers. On a whim I threw these leggings into my cart at Target and I am OBSESSED. High waisted, so comfy, FOURTEEN DOLLARS, and the army print is chic and not cheesy. I am literally wearing them as I type this along with my new favorite sneakers – the Nike Pre-Love OX with a holographic swoosh (!) and rainbow soles (!!!). Guys, I am feelin myself today!

Anthro lunch bag – Morgs is at the age where I usually bring him food from home when we are meeting friends for lunch and I’ve been searching for a cute cooler bag – which is… apparently… not a thing that exists. Until now? I nabbed this one during the 30% off Anthro sale and I love how cute it is! (Sorry Mom, I will not be using the neon blue Dodgers cooler you so generously offered to me.)

I confess these aren’t the ONLY things I’ve been buying lately but they are the best things. So if you have a teeny tiny shopping problem like me – enjoy!

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