30 Dec 2018

My Top Ten Favorite Movies of 2018

Did you all know Ramz is a film critic? Like a real one? Well he is and we see a LOT OF MOVIES. Are you ready for something insane? This year he saw 322 MOVIES. THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO FILMS. While holding down a job and dealing with a sassy wife and crazy French bulldog and darling infant son.

Anyway – I didn’t see 322 movies but I DID see 26 movies and I think that’s pretty damn good for a civilian 🙂 Here are my top 10 favorites of the year, in order:

  1. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again – here is what I tell people when they ask me why I liked this movie so much. I went to see it with my friend Rachel and at one point I turned to her and said in disbelief, “RACHEL, I’M CRYING!” and she looked at me and SHE WAS BAWLING TOO. I also NEVER rewatch movies at home because I have no patience to see something a second time… except I have watched this three times on my couch. When Cher showed up I LOST MY GD MIND.
  2. A Star is Born – Lady Gaga kills it, Bradley Cooper has the BEST and WEIRDEST deep voice of all time, and Shallows is #1 on my Spotify most-played of the entire year.
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody – I have a softspot for Ramis and Rami Malek is no exception 🙂 I loved this movie because I love gay rock stars and this reignited my deep love for the song Radio Gaga. I think it also inspired me to go see Adam Lambert and Queen on Tour. WHO WANTS TO COME WITH?!
  4. The Favourite – do you like crazy members of the royal family, sneaky bitches, lesbian sex, insane wigs, rabbits, guns, and backstabbing? If you do, you will love this movie. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD HARD MANY TIMES.
  5. Green Book – I went to see this BY MYSELF because I didn’t want to see Beale Street with Rami and our friends and I got a huge comfy recliner with ottoman all to myself in the center row at the Landmark which is basically unheard of. That’s not why I liked this but it didn’t hurt. I thought this was a really sweet story DESPITE my husband rolling his eyes whenever I talk about it.
  6. Crazy Rich Asians – I call this movie “money porn.” I spent the entire 2 hours fascinated by how rich Asians live and now I want to go live a very similar life. A girl can dream. Awkwafina was hilarious too.
  7. Black Panther – I love superhero movies and Chadwick Boseman can GET IT. His sister Shuri was my favorite part of this movie, and the sexy female guards were my second favorite part of this movie, and the scene on the mountain where all the Wakandans wear rainbow colors and chant and dance was my third favorite part of the movie and I may recreate it every so often in my kitchen.
  8. Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse – probably the prettiest animated movie I’ve ever seen. I think Rami cried like 5 times during it? I lost count.
  9. Widows – God knows I love a movie starring powerful women and Viola Davis is terrifyingly badass.
  10. VICE – This movie made me very angry but I am including it because only a good movie has the power to make you feel something so intensely, and the feeling I had watching those goddamn Republicans ruin the world was RAGE.

So that’s my list! For reference, here are the other ones I saw:

Won’t You Be My Neighbor
Game Night
I Feel Pretty
Avengers: Infinity War
Life of the Party
Deadpool 2
Oceans 8
Antman and the Wasp
First Man
Boy Erased
Ben is Back 
Mary Poppins Returns
Second Act

I had SUCH high hopes for Oceans 8 and Deadpool 2 but they disappointed me, I have been pissed since the end of Avengers: Infinity War (so 7 months and counting now), and I may be the only person in the world who fell asleep during Won’t You Be My Neighbor. Sorry, Mr. Rodgers.

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