01 Apr 2019

Skin It To Win It

Hi, my name is Jordan and I am newly addicted to skincare.

Fun fact: your skin freaks out when you have a child! I am 16 months into having a small human as my BFF and about 6 weeks ago, I realized I needed to actually start taking care of my face instead of passively ignoring it. Basically, I saw a wrinkle, freaked out, and ran to Sephora.

In case you don’t have a good friend who is obsessed with skincare/makeup and can point you in the right direction (shout out to my friend Natalie who is literally Sephora’s best customer), I am writing this all out and maybe it can help you!

OK. Where do we begin? For starters – you need to know your skin tone. I personally have oily skin (gross) and the occasional hormonal breakout (aka I get a zit the week before I get my period LIKE CLOCKWORK). So I knew I needed products that were light, like gels, that would dry me out a little, and wouldn’t deposit more oil on my face, particularly my t-zone. So here are the products that are working for me and hopefully some of them will work for you too.

For literally the past 20 years I have used Chanel facewash to wash my face. They used to have different kinds and I used “the green one” (such an expert I am), but about a year ago they reformulated their products and now they sell only one. It’s the La Mousse Cleansing Cream-to-Foam and for some goddamn reason it’s sold out in every department store I walk into. The past few months I’ve ordered it directly from Chanel and get it with free shipping. I have used it morning and night since I was in middle school and currently subscribe to the theory “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” It has a really nice creamy consistency with tiny beads so it’s moisturizing and exfoliating at the same time.

Next up, moisturizer. I had been using this old Clean & Clear moisturizer for the past few years and it was NOT doing the trick anymore. The issue with this one, for me, is that it was a gel consistency and it would kind of sit on top of my skin and clog my pores, causing blackheads around my chin. Gross! I needed to find something light and airy that wouldn’t clog me up and I am happy to say I have had great success alternating between Drunk Elephant Polypeptide Protini Moisturizer and Peter Thomas Roth Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizer. The DE is a little thicker and opaque and the PTR is slightly sheer and lighter, so I tend to use the DE at night if I’m not doing a mask. Which leads me to…

MASKS! I remember being in high school doing those sticky masks that you can peel off in stringy strips and being simultaneously delighted/grossed out by the whole thing… and that was pretty much the extent of my mask knowledge. BUT NO MORE! Now I know masks are an integral part of a lady’s skincare routine. Here are a few I have been into:

Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask – I am obsessed with this. I love everything about it – the smell, the color, the texture, the CONCEPT of a sleeping mask! I put it on instead of moisturizer after I wash my face before bed and over the course of the night it slowly sinks into my skin. I wake up and my skin looks so much brighter. Do yourself a favor and try this. (I do this one 2-3 times a week.)
Tata Harper Clarifying Mask – As someone who never bought into the whole “kale is delicious” thing I cannot lie and say I enjoy the smell of this kelly green goop, but after I leave it on for 20 minutes my face feels like BUTTER. (I do this one once a week.)
Drunk Elephant Baby Facial – This mama STINGS when ya put her on. The first time I was scared but the stinging does go away after a few minutes and when you take it off, you follow it with this soothing face oil. This was my first foray into fancy masks and I liked it a lot until I met the others listed above. TBD if I rebuy this after I run out. (I do this one once every other week.)

A couple other things that I have been liking:
– Eye cream: I had never used one before but age 33 is a great time to start. A lot of people rave about the Ole Henrickson Banana Bright eye cream and I’ve been liking it too! It doesn’t run or burn my eyes.
– Shower scrub: WARNING, The Seaweed Bath Co. Purifying Micro Scrub does not fuck around. I accidentally used it twice in one week and completely dried out my right cheek. It is some powerful stuff. Use it sparingly and it’s great for getting rid of dead skin.
– Zit cream: My old favorite Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – been using it for years. Dip a q-tip all the way down to the bottom through the clear liquid and then dab the pink lotion on your zit. Clears it up SO fast. You can buy this everywhere – Target, Nordstrom, Amazon, Ulta…
– Face wipes: I really prefer to do a full facewash and take my makeup off fully, but if that’s not an option or if you’re traveling and want something easy/fast, I love these Sephora Watermelon Cleansing Wipes.
– Makeup remover: I have found I prefer a lotion makeup remover so that I don’t have to tug so much on the delicate skin around my eyes. In the past I’ve liked Makeup Forever Sens’Eyes and for the past few years I’ve been using Estee Lauder Take It Away – love that it comes in a pump! Recently, in an attempt to use more “green” products I just bought the Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm but have only used it a few times… so the jury is still out on this one.

There ya have it folks! It ain’t pretty and it ain’t cheap but it’s working. Hope this list helps at least a few of you! Meanwhile, next time you see me, make sure to mention how beautiful and glowing I am.

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  1. Katie Adams wrote:

    Girl, talk to me when you are ready to switch to an oil cleanser, because it is a game changer and does not make your skin oily. Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Oil Cleanser. It’s the truth.

    Posted on 4.1.19 ·
  2. Natalie wrote:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love every single thing about this post… and you!

    Posted on 4.1.19 ·

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