14 Jul 2011

The Happiness List

I’ve had a smile on my face most of the week and I figured I’d share why with all of you! Here’s a little list of things that have been making me happy lately 🙂
New earrings – on SALE! I’ve definitely blogged about how much I love my Kendra Scott Danielle earrings – they are so versatile and pretty, and come in such fun colors (I own hot pink and turquoise)! I was blown away when my mom called me from the Nordstrom Anniversary “Behind the Curtain” pre-sale to tell me that she had just come across two pairs – tiger’s eye and black – for $37 dollars a pair! I couldn’t believe it – that’s a crazy steal, considering they usually retail for $60 each. I have the best mama ever – she surprised me with BOTH!

Babies In the past few months, a few of my really good friends have all had babies, which is just fine with me – I get to hold them and squeeze them and kiss them and spoil them rotten! Anna’s baby Eytan and my friend Rachel’s baby Olivia are only a couple weeks apart, and last weekend I had a BBQ at my house so they could finally meet! The goal of the entire BBQ was so I could get a picture holding both of them at the same time… mission accomplished!

(Bonus baby pictures: here is Eytan watching TV while Greene and I babysat him on Sunday, and here is Olivia looking very serious while wearing a tiny pair of cargo shorts 🙂 how could you look at those faces and NOT be happy!?)

Charmed Scones I came across this booth a few weeks ago during one of my Sunday treks to the Brentwood Farmer’s Market – the Charmed Scones ladies were there for the first time and told me they would be there every week from now on! I happily tried their scone samples and was blown away – their flavors were seriously delicious! I went back and bought two different kinds last weekend – bittersweet chocolate and English cheddar – and I can’t believe how delicious they are. If you’re looking for a yummy treat, these are so good!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Okay, this one is making me equal parts happy AND sad. I cannot wait to see how they capture everything from the book – I have a feeling the battle scene at Hogwarts is going to be insane. But I can’t believe that after all these years, the Harry Potter movies are going to be over and done with for good. I love every film so much – if they’re ever playing on TV, I immediately stop what I’m doing and watch the whole thing. I’m so excited!!!
Vacation! Rami and I leave for Scottsdale TODAY! My bags (yes, multiple bags for three days) are packed, he’s made a road trip playlist, and we’ve got the sunscreen and swimsuits all ready to go for a HOT weekend in Arizona. I am so excited!

Wishing you all a great weekend as well. If you’re in LA, stay the hell off the freeways for the next few days 🙂

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  1. Have fun on your vacation darling. Can't wait for you to see Deathly Hallows so we can talk about it. I loved it!

    Posted on 7.14.11 · Reply to comment
  2. I am so excited for Deathly Hallows as well! I know I am going to cry my eyes out.

    Posted on 7.14.11 · Reply to comment
  3. Diana M. wrote:

    OMG! LOVE Charmed Scones too! And they make some that are gluten free! I bought them with a Living Social deal and YUMMY!! I was supposed to pick them up at the Calabasas Farmer's Market on a Saturday, but then they posted on their site that they weren't taking orders for that weekend because they were going out of town. But I needed them for Father's Day!! When I called, she was SO INCREDIBLY NICE and offered to make them special for me and drop them off at my house on her way to Burbank Airport that Friday AM! What?! Delicious and nice! I'm a huge fan!!

    Have a great time in AZ!

    Posted on 7.14.11 · Reply to comment

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