17 May 2010

Dr. Pepper, You Make the World Taste Better

I am just going to state right upfront that I realize this post is super random and that a lot of you are going to think I am a major weirdo. Commencing anyways.
Last month, while at lunch with my dear friend Cara, we randomly started talking about beauty products we love and have used forever. Even though I grew up here in sunny Los Angeles and she is from the far off land of Canada, we quickly realized that as teenagers, we both had the same obsession….

Um, I was obsessed. In middle school, every Tuesday, my friend Brynn would come home with me after school and after being dropped off by my carpool, we would walk the 10-minute walk to get a Jamba Juice (shout out for my Peach Pleasure) and then hit up Savon (for all you southerners — Savon is the same thing as Walgreens). On every trip, we would each buy a little treat (usually makeup – hello, we were 12) and on one occasion, stumbled upon this: the DR. PEPPER LIP SMACKER.
(Side-note: anyone else remember the Dr. Pepper commercial where they sang the song that I used for my title here? If you do, belated apologies for getting it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.)
Naturally, we quickly finished our meal and rushed off to the drugstore to purchase them again! Unfortunately, both drugstores we went to didn’t carry the Bonne Bell line, which saddened us, but yesterday when I was at Target (sneaking things into my mom’s cart so she would buy them for me), I looked up and there they were! I tossed the chubby push-up Dr. Pepper tube in my cart and bought Cara the three-pack (with gloss!) as a little surprise treat.

I am happy to announce they still taste the same, still give your lips a hint of pretty red color, and yes, I still lick mine off and have to reapply. Guess you never really grow up 🙂

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I remember the commercial it was my fav. It was one of the best but I cant find it anywhere. What happened to it?

    Posted on 7.1.11 · Reply to comment

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